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This is the page for Shelby news and info.  If you have any Shelby news that is not mentioned here, please email me with it and I will put it up here.

New Shelby's

A whole new generation of Shelby's are scheduled to be released soon.  The new designs are:
Sky and Julip are not very different from 2 of the Shelby's from the 1st gen of Shelbys, these being the Blue and Green ones.  Look below for a picture of them all, each Shelby has the name Tiger has given it beside it.

Shelby in New Zealand

Shelby has finally reached NZ after its release in the USA and the UK.  At the moment I have only seen them at The Warehouse, but I'm sure they can be found at any other toy shop or department store as well.  The Warehouse is selling them for NZ$70.  Unfortunately, as mentioned above, its very unlikely that there will be anymore new Shelby gens released in NZ, at least for this year.  If you live in NZ, and are considering getting one, get one.  They are very cool, and they will get you laughing.  If your unsure, maybe ask the shop you buy it from, if you can return it if your not happy.  That way if for some reason you don't like it, you can bring it back.

"Shell be comin' to your local toy shop"

Shelby can now be found nation wide through out the USA at most toy shops.  There may be a few states that don't have him yet, but he should be there soon.  This will mean people outside of the testing zone for Shelby will now be able to get them at their normal price, rather then from eBay or other online places, which are not always the RRP.

So far, this is all the latest Shelby news, if you've got any info that I don't have here, and you'd like to share it with me, please, feel free to email it to me.


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