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This is the page for Shelby news and info.  If you have any Shelby news that is not mentioned here, please email me with it and I will put it up here.

Chat with Dave Hampton

On May 26th 2001, at The New Public Furby Community,  Dave Hampton participated in a chat.  I was at the chat and managed to make a transcript of the chat that can be seen here.  There were interesting topics being brought up and it was unfortunate that we were on a time constraint, but Dave Hampton is a busy man.  Luckily he agreed to participate in a special Message Board at Uncle A-Loh's Playboard.  This Message Board will be used to ask Dave questions and he will reply with answers.  You can ask questions to him at the Community or if you don't want to join it, you can fill in this form and I will do it for you.

Chat with Tiger!

There is possibly going to be a chat with Tiger President, Roger Shiffman and MAYBE Shelby's and Furby's inventor, Dave Hampton.  Both chats will be seperate and will be held at a MSN Community, The New Public Furby Community, the times and dates for these chats are yet to confirmed, and there is a possibility that the chats may not happen, but there is a high chance they will.  The more people attending the better!  Please check back here for updates on the chats and when they will be held.

Shelby in the UK

Although people in the UK had been told by Tiger Electronics UK that Shelby will be released in July (same with Hasbro NZ), Shelby has been spotted in the UK.  Shelby has only been seen in a store chain called John Lewis.  There are only 30 Shelbys total through out the John Lewis store chain.  If you are in the UK, be quick!  They won't last long!

Shelby's Future

According to someone from Tiger Electronics, Shelby is going to be released to 4 test markets.  These test markets are certain states around the USA, and Shelby depends on good sales at these test markets for his future.  If Shelby does not sell well at these test markets, then I don't think that we will see Shelby in any other states and maybe not any other countries either (*sniff* not even my country New Zealand :-( ).  These test markets are:

  • New York City and New Jersey (already released there, home of Shelby's debut)

  • Chicago 

  • Minneapolis

  • Los Angeles  

For the test markets that Shelby has not been released to yet, Shelby will be released there in mid-May.  If you are in these areas and are interested in getting a Shelby, don't hesitate!  Get one, get two!  The future of Shelby and Furby depend on it.  If Shelby does not do well, we probably will not see future Interactive Toys like Shelby or Furby (Who wants plastic robotic pets like Poo-Chi and Tekno after all??) that may be planned will not be created if Shelby does not sell well :-(  Lets keep them alive!

Shelby Released!!

Shelby was released at FAO Schwarz  on Thursday 12th of April in New York City.  Famous singer Frankie Avalon was there, along with Dave Hampton (the creator of Shelby and Furby) for Shelby's beach party in the FAO Schwarz store (see my Shelby Review for pics from the event).  Shelby's were limited to 1 per person but some managed to get around this rule.  Shelby is VERY different to Furby, although he does look similar to Furby, looks can be deceiving. Shelby has 70% more words then Furby, 3 times as many phrases as Furby, 50% more memory then Furby, has more sensory input then Furby and has double the amount of easter eggs of Furby.  Shelby can also change personalities, eg. if you hold him upside down, he will become grumpy and acting like a 12 year old and he will stay like this until you are nice to him and feed him and play with him then he will become a happy clam again :-)  Shelby also interacts with Furby, Furby Babies, Gizmo, ET and other Shelby's, he will often ask "Where's Furby?".  Overall, Shelby is a great toy!  He is much more advance then Furby and does lots more then Furby does and if your thinking "Oh, Shelby, its looks like a Furby in a clam" that's wrong, Shelby is VERY different from Furby.