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As I have mentioned on my Shelby News page, there was a chat with Mr Dave Hampton, the inventor of Furby, Furby Babies and Shelby.  The chat was held on Saturday 26th of May (USA Time) at The New Public Furby Community at MSN Communities.  The chat was well attended, but wasn't open to the public, only to members of the community.  I attended this chat and saved a transcript of it (the version I have here has been edited to get rid of typos and the conversation before Mr. Hampton arrived and after he left).  

Although the chat is now over, at Uncle A-Loh's Playboard there is a newly created Message board where Mr. Hampton will answer any other questions.  You can view this Message Board here .  To post on there, you need to be a member.  If you don't want to become a member, you can email me your questions and I will ask them there for you, just fill out the form later on in this page.

To view the transcript, go here.  It is on a different page because it is such a big file and needs a page of its own, please be patient while it downloads, it may take a while depending on your connection time.

Form for questions for Mr Hampton:


Email address:



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