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Gunputty : Hi Dave!

matt_nz : Hi Dave!

MojoMorrigan : hey Dave

rosey2001b : hi Dave

tamtam315 : Hello !!

Furbymom18 : Hi Dave

truenooloobloo : yay

tamtam315 : Welcome!!

truenooloobloo : our guest is here!

matt_nz : yes

Gunputty sings and dances.

Furbymom18 : Welcome to the madhouse!

matt_nz : yes, welcome

truenooloobloo : I am Ahme'

dave_h4 : Hello all, wow, this all worked after all!

tamtam315 : Uncle says PARTY!

truenooloobloo : everyone please introduce yourselves

Mairzy_Doats : Hey....((Dave)) Welcome in

truenooloobloo : one at a time

matt_nz : I'm Matt

truenooloobloo : give your message board name

truenooloobloo : next?

msboomagoo : Hi Dave...As you can see the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

truenooloobloo : LOL

tamtam315 : Hi I'm Tammy

MojoMorrigan : I'm Morrigan

Mairzy_Doats : I am Marcy

Furbymom18 : Furbymom18 otherwise known as Kathy Baggett

Gunputty : Hi Dave! I'm Andy Hamlin, sometimes known as Zoom. On the board. Today, I'm Gunputty. "I Don't Know Why!"

truenooloobloo : joos is joos

truenooloobloo : rosies name is the same

Furbster_ : Welcome Dave, I'm Kat, I'm Toh-LooKah on the board

rosey2001b : I am rosey2001b or rosey2001 Hello

truenooloobloo : furbster is mimitchi

truenooloobloo : oh sorry

truenooloobloo : mimitchi is also tohlou kah

truenooloobloo : 'scuse me

Furbster_ : well mimitchi too

truenooloobloo : I think we are all on now?

matt_nz : yes

truenooloobloo : some may join us later

tamtam315 : looks like it

matt_nz : heh, considering the hiccup

matt_nz : oh, Jo!

truenooloobloo : I would like to welcome Dave Hampton

matt_nz : she's on AIM, can't get in yet..

truenooloobloo : thank you so much for agreeing to do this

Mairzy_Doats : Claps

tamtam315 : YEAH!!!

Gunputty : My Furby Baby Kah-Tah want to join in. Hard for him to reach the keys, though.

Gunputty claps.

truenooloobloo : here is the format

truenooloobloo : listen up:

Furbymom18 : Clap clap

?joosbird has left the conversation.

tamtam315 : is Ahme in the house?

matt_nz : yes

truenooloobloo : I am channelling ahme'

matt_nz : heh

truenooloobloo : could not get to be here in his body

tamtam315 : like I am channelling Uncle

truenooloobloo : so to speak

truenooloobloo : anyway..

truenooloobloo : we will follow Marcy's format

truenooloobloo : I will call YOU Guys

truenooloobloo : one at a time

matt_nz : (sorry to interrupt, Jo is on her way)

truenooloobloo : each gets once question to start

truenooloobloo : then we will return to start

truenooloobloo : I will ask questions for some of the absent folks

truenooloobloo : such as Ali

truenooloobloo : sarge, j.Purkey

truenooloobloo : after you all have gone

truenooloobloo : then my turn

truenooloobloo : ok?

matt_nz : ok

truenooloobloo : no whispering to Dave Hampton

Furbymom18 : OK

Mairzy_Doats : K..who's first

Gunputty : Righty-o! (Which one's Jo?)

tamtam315 : ok

truenooloobloo : side conversations in whisper boxes

truenooloobloo : is Jo here?

truenooloobloo : yet?

matt_nz : not yet

truenooloobloo : ok..lets let Dave get started

Gunputty : Since I don't even know how to do that, no worries!

dave_h4 : OK ready

truenooloobloo : as you all know

truenooloobloo : he is the inventor of Furby, Furby babies and Shelby

matt_nz : yes

tamtam315 :

truenooloobloo : we will take a question from rosey first:

rosey2001b : are there plans for other creations in the future

dave_h4 : Well , if there is an interest, yes

truenooloobloo : ahme offers drinks

?tarkatarka has joined the conversation.

dave_h4 : It is tough because I want to, but it really depends on what others want, not just me.

truenooloobloo : tarka tarka is Jo Anna

rosey2001b : any hints on what they might be?

dave_h4 : There are many creatures in the Furby world

rosey2001b : cool thanks Dave...

dave_h4 : animals of the sea, air and land.

truenooloobloo : d let me know

dave_h4 : the only one that I stop work on for now was a snake

truenooloobloo : when I should go to the next person ok?

dave_h4 : called slither-by

truenooloobloo : LOL

matt_nz : LOL

truenooloobloo : I like that

Gunputty : Thaaaaat, I would like to see. Thumbs up!

matt_nz : I'd like a pet Interactive snake, lol

tamtam315 : very cute

matt_nz : snake!

matt_nz : not snale, lol

Mairzy_Doats : more drinks for

truenooloobloo : drink for Mr. Hampton?

truenooloobloo :

matt_nz : heh

dave_h4 : there is also a fishby and others. , yes thanks for drink

truenooloobloo : fishby?

dave_h4 : correct

matt_nz : does he swim?

truenooloobloo : elaborate if you wish?

dave_h4 : it gets tough because I don't want them to really get in water

truenooloobloo : can see why

matt_nz : yeah

truenooloobloo : would be shocking to most

dave_h4 : any way there is an entire world, insect's tool

matt_nz : These sound very interesting!

dave_h4 : also there are "evil" characters in this world too.

tamtam315 : yes!

truenooloobloo : there is a question later about bug bots

matt_nz : oh?! Cool!

Gunputty : Just as a side note, I have read about different types of robotic fish, some, though not all, sold as "pet" toys.

truenooloobloo : I would Love to see the evil characters..

truenooloobloo : someday

tamtam315 : figures......

matt_nz : heh

tamtam315 :

dave_h4 : I will give more info later on board. is that ok .

truenooloobloo : as a matter of fact

Gunputty : Oh, Blu's made a few for you already!

truenooloobloo : as a side not

truenooloobloo : I set up an ask Dave Hampton MB

dave_h4 : this can be a very long subject, about new creatures.

truenooloobloo : you all can see the post later

truenooloobloo : yes, an interesting subject too though

matt_nz : yes, they seem very Interesting Dave

truenooloobloo : one of great interest to most here

Mairzy_Doats : Cool

truenooloobloo : it was the number one question from almost everyone

tamtam315 : oh yes!

truenooloobloo : Tammy? are you ready with a question yet?

dave_h4 : many people want these creatures, but the retailers are cautious.

tamtam315 : yes....

tamtam315 : I'm ready

tamtam315 : my turn?

dave_h4 : next please, please go ahead Tammy

tamtam315 : Thanks

truenooloobloo : folks make note of questions you develop as chat progresses

truenooloobloo : we will come back around

matt_nz : ok

tamtam315 : How much input-if any-do you have in Marketing Furby & Shelby???

dave_h4 : This is really an area where Tiger uses their experience.

truenooloobloo : so you have no input? or do you have some?

tamtam315 : do you give them any input?

truenooloobloo : echo LOL

dave_h4 : Part of the early agreement assured there would be TV ads.

Mairzy_Doats : I sure didn't see many of those

truenooloobloo : nor I

tamtam315 : Is that all? Did you give them you vision for Furby at the beginning??

matt_nz : hardly any in little old NZ..

truenooloobloo : did you have input into those?

truenooloobloo : the commercials?

Gunputty : Yes, I've only ever seen the Furby Baby commercial at the site...never seen any for Furby or Shelby at all.

tarkatarka : test

?jabk1 has joined the conversation.

tamtam315 : I have never seen any TV ads

dave_h4 : Furby was mostly envisioned by the time it went to Tiger.

truenooloobloo : hello! glad you could make it Amalin

jabk1 : thanks

jabk1 : tell me when I am able to ask something

dave_h4 : But marketing is mostly up to Tiger/Hasbro.

truenooloobloo : ok

tamtam315 : so you let them shape Furby's "personality"??

Gunputty : Though as some Furbymaniacs pointed out, the early Furby commercials showed fur patterns that were never developed for mass production.

truenooloobloo : yes..

dave_h4 : No, Tiger did not do personality.

matt_nz : and they said things they didn't say in the end

truenooloobloo : the topic is d. Hampton's input into marketing

truenooloobloo : reminder for newcomer to chat

truenooloobloo :

dave_h4 : I have done the personality of Furby, Furby Baby and Shelby.

Gunputty : Matt: Oh really! This I didn't know. What sort of things?

truenooloobloo : hold on..

truenooloobloo : lets finish this question

truenooloobloo : make note of this new one

tamtam315 : wasn't it hard to give them your invention and let them run with it-with hardly any says so?

?Tillia_1 has joined the conversation.

truenooloobloo : then we will get back to it

Gunputty : Ok, sorry!

Mairzy_Doats : And a FINE job you did on those personalities too I want to add

truenooloobloo : its okay dear

truenooloobloo : ok so who next?

truenooloobloo : zoom?

?tarkatarka has left the conversation.

truenooloobloo : want to continue this theme?

dave_h4 : They did not know details of personality until I was finished.

Gunputty : Am I next?

matt_nz : just to let everyone know, Jo is having ISP problems

tamtam315 : I would have wanted to do the marketing too! LOL

Gunputty : My question, when you're ready for it, is somewhat off this beaten path. But let me know when you're ready.

dave_h4 : ready

jabk1 : Hey blu, how is the order of questions here?

tamtam315 : thanks Dave! and thank you for inventing them-we love them!

truenooloobloo : sure..zoom..d.. its up to you

truenooloobloo : let me know

truenooloobloo : when ready for next one.

?tarkatarka has joined the conversation.

dave_h4 : Welcome, and ready for next question.

truenooloobloo : yes. zoom?

Gunputty : Okay, Mr. Hampton. I read, with interest, that voice talent Tony Pope did the Furby voice--all three pitches I assume? Can you tell us who modelled the Baby and Shelby voices? Did you ever meet with any of the voice talent?

truenooloobloo : your next..

truenooloobloo : ok

dave_h4 : Yes Tony did Furby, but all voices were listened to and approved by me.

dave_h4 : Baby and Shelby were woman's voices.

truenooloobloo : really??

dave_h4 : Tony only did one pitch, others I did with electronics.

Mairzy_Doats : Who were the women?

truenooloobloo : had heard that but did not believe it of Shelby

Gunputty : Oh really? I had no idea, I must say! Though it's common, come to think of it, to use women for child voices in animation. And this isn't so different.

dave_h4 : Tiger has asked for these names not to be released.

truenooloobloo : ok

truenooloobloo : interesting

truenooloobloo : *considers new career* LOL

dave_h4 : Shelby's voice was a woman, which I modified in software.

Mairzy_Doats : Wonder why not?

Gunputty : Oh, that's too bad. Well, should you run across the women, thank them for a job well done, will you please?

matt_nz : LOL, Blu

dave_h4 : Prices go up,

dave_h4 : when voice is known

dave_h4 : voice is known

Mairzy_Doats : Ah.....famous women then

tamtam315 : LOL!

truenooloobloo : Madonna Shelby

truenooloobloo : can see it now

matt_nz : LOL

tamtam315 : LOL!

truenooloobloo : ahem

truenooloobloo : 'scuse me

truenooloobloo : back to D

dave_h4 : Shelby's voice , she had a baby 2 weeks later. , for real.

Gunputty : Well, not necessarily. Still, is anyone else reminded of Deborah Winger in E.T.?

Gunputty : So she was taping while roughly 8 1/2 months pregnant?

truenooloobloo : imagine being known as "voice of Shelby" in your obit..

dave_h4 : Correct. very pregnant >

tamtam315 : LOL!

Gunputty : Is not such a bad thing. Jean Van Der Pyl, for example, had Wilma and (I think) Pebbles put on her tombstone!

Mairzy_Doats : Did she marry Michael Douglas?

tamtam315 : can you imagine saying those phrases?

truenooloobloo : somehow that's strange considering we think of Shelby as ,males mostly

truenooloobloo : are we ready for next?

dave_h4 : Shelby's voice was toughest of all.

truenooloobloo : ?

truenooloobloo : why so?

Gunputty : "People will do odd things if you give them money." --David Byrne

truenooloobloo : cuz of all the tweaking required?

dave_h4 : Shelby has voice not good for lpc

Mairzy_Doats : are UP on your voice people, Andy!

dave_h4 : lpc is way of creating voice.

truenooloobloo : lpc?

truenooloobloo : oh..okay

matt_nz : oh, ok

Gunputty : Oh, lpc is software?

dave_h4 : and not using much memory

dave_h4 : linear preditive coding.

dave_h4 : lpc

matt_nz : his voice has came out great though Dave

truenooloobloo : yes agreed

Mairzy_Doats : It sounds male though

dave_h4 : 200 bytes per second of speech. Shelby's voice first started with me.

dave_h4 : and that is what was shown at first toy fair.

truenooloobloo : you were the first voice? is that Shelby still around?!!

matt_nz : so, you were telling knock knock jokes at first?

truenooloobloo : LOL@matt

tamtam315 : LOL!!

Gunputty : Incidentally, that's all I have for this question, though I'm happy to read all the follow-ups!

truenooloobloo : ok..

dave_h4 : nope. yes knock knock jokes are funny for a shell.

matt_nz : yes, very, lol

truenooloobloo : d will let us know when he's ready for next person

Gunputty wonders if they just hid Dave under the table and opened and closed the shell with compressed air.

tamtam315 : yes they are!

truenooloobloo : furbymom will be next..

dave_h4 : ready,

Furbymom18 : Why does Shelby buzz when held upside down and the tennis change to almost no sound?

dave_h4 : This is most likely a defect as I have not seen this.

Furbymom18 : Will this hurt anything except his Tennis sound?

dave_h4 : No , it will not.

matt_nz : mine does that sometimes too

tamtam315 : I can't bear to turn mine upside down that long......

dave_h4 : Could be weak batteries, I will look into this , and let you know.

matt_nz : I just help his shell move

Furbymom18 : I loved my yellow ones Tennie sound but liked to make him grumpy. too.

Furbster_ : I like grumpy Shelby, he's too funny when he's crabby

Gunputty : I have not yet tried tuning Shelby upside down, but he does undergo a temporary personality shift if you do that for say, 1 minute, right?

Furbymom18 : Batteries don't seem to help. Good Batteries.

dave_h4 : I like grumpy, I is like my son James when he was little.

Gunputty : Oh, your children must provide so much inspiration!

tamtam315 : instead of his shell, did he slam his bedroom door shut?? LOL!

matt_nz : lol, it reminds me of my younger sister, lol

truenooloobloo : LOL

Gunputty : "Party-pooper!" *WHAM*

matt_nz : LOL

dave_h4 : I will check to see if this buzzing happens much, and what is going on.

truenooloobloo : mo will be next

tamtam315 : LOL!

truenooloobloo : let me know when your ready for her ?

dave_h4 : ready,

truenooloobloo : Mo has a fan site

matt_nz : come on Aussie

MojoMorrigan : Dave - (you understand that I MUST ask, heh) - are there currently any plans for Shelby Babies, Limited/Special Edition Shelby's and/or Shelby accessories?

matt_nz : where are you?

dave_h4 : This again is under control of Tiger.

MojoMorrigan : Do you have any input into the nature of Limited editions?

MojoMorrigan : like, their design?

dave_h4 : If there is a desire there will be limited, special,

truenooloobloo : link to mos fan site is in furbish links sidebar

truenooloobloo : for Shelby? wow!

dave_h4 : but I am not aware of baby Shelby's

truenooloobloo : that would be SOO cute..

matt_nz : Shelby would so easy to make cool!

matt_nz : with is shell

MojoMorrigan : ok thanks

truenooloobloo : teeny grumpy babies

matt_nz : LOL

matt_nz : if Shelby doesn't have an attitude already, lol

truenooloobloo : booper next?

matt_nz : he's here at the moment telling me I'm a party pooper, lol

dave_h4 : everything is very packed in Shelby, baby Shelby would not have enough room for current technology.

MojoMorrigan : d'oh lol

truenooloobloo : so he would be less advanced?

msboomagoo : I'm going to wait for the airplane and motorcycle questions..

truenooloobloo : ok..

truenooloobloo : LOl

tamtam315 : LOL

truenooloobloo : then Amalin?

truenooloobloo : you ready dear?

Gunputty : That would be extremely cute...but it's a techno-space problem, you say?

Gunputty : Hello Kitty has a motorcycle. I am not making this up.

matt_nz : heh, could make him a fat baby Shelby

?MojoMorrigan has left the conversation.

dave_h4 : ready, for next question.

truenooloobloo : Amalin dear..your turn

jabk1 : oh thanks

jabk1 : do you have some plan for the future of Furby? like a new improved Furby that could have some voice recognition, recording capabilities,

?MojoMorrigan has joined the conversation.

dave_h4 : voice recognition has been done, need interest in it.

MojoMorrigan sneaks back in quietly after being dced

jabk1 : or there are plans to make others like Furby (not robo-chis)

matt_nz : I'd love a Furby that could learn a bit from me, lol

dave_h4 : I enjoy creatures, and have stayed away from robots.

truenooloobloo : we discussed some of this before you got here Amalin

truenooloobloo : fishby, snakeby..

truenooloobloo : we will post transcripts

jabk1 : oh, then could I change the question?

Gunputty : Mr. Hampton: You mean, you avoid humanoid shapes?

tamtam315 : slither-by

dave_h4 : Yes I have a creature that really changes based on how it is treated.

truenooloobloo : thanks Tammy

truenooloobloo : your right

tamtam315 :

truenooloobloo : yes Amalin go ahead with a new one

dave_h4 : I avoid cats, dogs, and human

dave_h4 : ready for next question.

jabk1 : do you have other unknown easter eggs that could share with us, for Furby and Shelby?

matt_nz : yeah, you can't imitate them

dave_h4 : there are many undiscovered in Shelby.

matt_nz : yes, lol

truenooloobloo : we've only found 2 so far I think

dave_h4 : I should give you all some more time, right?

matt_nz : yes

?MojoMorrigan has left the conversation.

Gunputty : We could only assume!

tamtam315 : do you plant those there?

truenooloobloo : on this board

matt_nz : well, for Shelby, yes

dave_h4 : I did all easter eggs.

tamtam315 : ah hah!

matt_nz : how many are there altogether in Shelby?

tamtam315 : LOL!

matt_nz : *trying not to cheat*

Gunputty : Or as Furby Baby would say "a-HA!"

truenooloobloo : knew matt would ask that! LOL

dave_h4 : I will post one on the board later, there are at least 8

matt_nz : ok, cool

Furbster_ : cool

tamtam315 : 8?!?!?! wow!

jabk1 : may I ask, when Furby came out, I saw an article telling that if Furby were prompted correctly, he will go crazy and all Furbys near will join. What's that about?

Gunputty : I want to thank you so much for the Baby long-singing trick--what I call the "Vegas Revue." It's my mother's favourite!

matt_nz : now we know when we hit the bottom

truenooloobloo : zoom! LOL

truenooloobloo :

tamtam315 : my fave too!

truenooloobloo : sends drinks for all

tamtam315 : thanks ! )f)

tamtam315 :

Gunputty : Two Babies burping and farting at each other, I call the "PassGasAPalooza."

truenooloobloo : Rosie has a question from joos

dave_h4 : there is no crazy egg

truenooloobloo : joos lost power or something like that

matt_nz : there is with Gizmo, LOL

truenooloobloo : will be Rosie again..but for joos

?MojoMorrigan has joined the conversation.

MojoMorrigan is testing

dave_h4 : ready for next question .

truenooloobloo : Rosie? for joos?

jabk1 : Oh, no problem, we have enough eggs for Furby

truenooloobloo : we will come back around

matt_nz : Blu, Megs has asked if I can ask some questions for her

matt_nz : since she can't get in

truenooloobloo : everyone gets one to start

truenooloobloo : ok..

truenooloobloo : matt next after for Megs

truenooloobloo : channelers time now

tamtam315 : ???

truenooloobloo : and now..Rosie channelling for joos

matt_nz : ok

truenooloobloo : your question?

Gunputty puts on his Carnac the Magnificent turban.

truenooloobloo : LOL

rosey2001b : this question is for Joo's...her power went did you come up with the first design of Furby...dreams ?????

truenooloobloo : another question many wanted to know..good one

dave_h4 : idea came from 97 toy fair.

dave_h4 : tomagochi,

dave_h4 : I saw in bandi booth.

matt_nz : I did not like Tamagotchi much..

rosey2001b : thanks and how about Shelby

tamtam315 : but Furby doesn't look like tomagochi

matt_nz : heh, I was a fan of giga pets

dave_h4 : tomagochi was flat, I saw chance for 3d pet.

tamtam315 : ah hah.....

dave_h4 : this is what sparked idea.

truenooloobloo : hi tillia

truenooloobloo : glad your here

Mairzy_Doats : I always wondered if it was supposed to be a bird

truenooloobloo : (d)

dave_h4 : first was a ball of fur called furball.

Furbymom18 : Furbys are Children Dave!

Tillia_1 : Hi! finally got here!

matt_nz : LOL

matt_nz : Hi tillia!

dave_h4 : this is where Furby name came from, furball.

tamtam315 : sometimes I call mine "Fur-Babies" LOL!

truenooloobloo : that's a cute name

matt_nz : so, Furby used to look like what a cat does when its been washed?

Tillia_1 : Hi Matt!

truenooloobloo : when next turn comes..its matt channelling Megs..

dave_h4 : Furby is owl, and mix of other creatures.

dave_h4 : owls are wise.

matt_nz : yes

tamtam315 : hum......

tamtam315 : your right.....

matt_nz : Furbys are funny wise owl :-D

tamtam315 : how cool!

MojoMorrigan : he looks a bit like my dog . . . well the black/white tux one does

truenooloobloo : do you envision them right away as complete?

MojoMorrigan : that's why I bought it :)

truenooloobloo : when you picture your creations?

matt_nz : lol

truenooloobloo : or does it come to you in bits and pieces? the vision of them?

matt_nz : did you create the first fur designs for them?

matt_nz : or was that tiger?

dave_h4 : Furby was not as finished as Shelby. as far as look, but I love both.

truenooloobloo : hold on matt

truenooloobloo : designs will be another question form someone

dave_h4 : Furby mostly looked like Furby before tiger.

matt_nz : heh *got carried away*

tamtam315 : what did Tiger do to Furby?

dave_h4 : :)

dave_h4 : Furby changed ears a bit.

?MojoMorrigan has left the conversation.

tamtam315 : how did they look before?

dave_h4 : ears were rounder, not pointed.

matt_nz : like on the box?

truenooloobloo : as on the packages!

truenooloobloo : yes

tamtam315 : the pointed ears could be round...

Furbster_ : ahh like on that original commercial?

dave_h4 : more like elephant. , yes very good, like on box

truenooloobloo : ha!

matt_nz : heh

tamtam315 : they are a little "spock-like"....

truenooloobloo : ahem

tamtam315 : I never noticed the box....

matt_nz : we are that crazed by Furby we can remember their box designs, LMAO!

tamtam315 : will look

dave_h4 : box were old pictures.

tamtam315 : I am anxious to look at the box now

truenooloobloo : yes ..we are kooks..d beware ;-)

matt_nz : Furby looked smaller in the box pics

tamtam315 : I am too anxious to get mine OUT of the box

dave_h4 : This is something mentioned to tiger, old look on box.

tamtam315 : what if Tiger does something you don't like?

?MojoMorrigan has joined the conversation.

dave_h4 : Furby was originally just a tag smaller.

truenooloobloo : is Megs..via matt

dave_h4 : tad

matt_nz : ok

truenooloobloo : *oooom*

rosey2001b : why did they feel they had to change the ear shape?

MojoMorrigan : grr that's the last time . . .

truenooloobloo : let me get in everyone..

truenooloobloo : hang on to follow-ups at this point

dave_h4 : we were very lucky that's is all tiger changes, everyone likes to leave fingerprints.

tamtam315 : ok.....

truenooloobloo : d let me know when ready for next one

dave_h4 : ready,

matt_nz : ok, Megs has this to say...

truenooloobloo : *poor Megs*

truenooloobloo : sigh

dave_h4 : keep trying Megs

matt_nz : Your inventions are a joy to all generations, and any great-grandchildren of mine are likely to be old enough to play with Furbys round about 2026 A.D. A number of Furbys have been put aside for them already, mint in box in a cool dark place

matt_nz : from Megs...

truenooloobloo : she wants to know about longevity of them

truenooloobloo : if I recall her question?

truenooloobloo : how long parts will last?

truenooloobloo : that true?

dave_h4 : nothing was cheapened in the electronics.

matt_nz : Would you expect any kind of mechanical or electrical/ electronic deterioration to take place in unused Furbys over that time period?

dave_h4 : mechanics is weak point, but Furbys should last for a very long time

dave_h4 : really depends on if they get used every day or not

truenooloobloo : or abused as case may be

matt_nz : heh, do you think AA batteries will be replaced?

truenooloobloo : *frowns at some here*

matt_nz : lol Blu

MojoMorrigan looks innocent

truenooloobloo : (teasing)

Mairzy_Doats : LOL

dave_h4 : this is nothing I am aware of that will go bad in storage.

tamtam315 : in the mirror , Blu....

tamtam315 : ;)

truenooloobloo : Jo will be next..

truenooloobloo : when ready..

dave_h4 : ready Jo

matt_nz : so AA batteries will be here forever?

truenooloobloo : matt...ahem

truenooloobloo : let Jo go

matt_nz : oh, sorry

matt_nz : :-X

truenooloobloo : sends drinks around to all again(d) while we wait..

tarkatarka : me?

truenooloobloo : yes you!

Gunputty hands out bubblegum cigars.

?Tillia_1 is away.

tarkatarka : Oooh, sorry I don't have any questions as such - everyone else has covered the things I wanted to know (easter eggs mainly)

truenooloobloo : if you don't want to go now can ask furbster?

truenooloobloo : ok?

tarkatarka : yes ask away!

truenooloobloo : ok..

?jabk1 has left the conversation.

tarkatarka : is Aaron in btw?

?Tillia_1 has returned.

truenooloobloo : and noooow

Furbster_ : What about the Furby TV show & movie I heard about.. will that stuff ever make it onto the market? Or even on video, do you think? Maybe Shelby TV or movie?

dave_h4 : This has been talked about, but no results yet.

tamtam315 : oh wow....

tamtam315 : I had no idea...

truenooloobloo : remember that

truenooloobloo : from long ago

matt_nz : would what happened with Barney happen with Furby?

truenooloobloo : long

matt_nz : oh, it wasn't barney

dave_h4 : I have a lot of detail on their world, and their lives.

tamtam315 : what's that matt

matt_nz : it was that bear thing

matt_nz : where he would interact with the TV program?

?jabk1 has joined the conversation.

MojoMorrigan : cool

tamtam315 : So your vision of their world could me totally different that ours?

tamtam315 : be totally..

truenooloobloo *is intrigued by this*

Furbster_ : will that detail ever be revealed in some sort of show, comic.. story or something in the future you think? I'm very interested, I thought the cartoon would be real cute.

dave_h4 : I wanted Furby to be smart everywhere, not just in front of the TV, or computer.

tamtam315 : our Furbys are smart everywhere! LOL!

truenooloobloo : mine are very smart.

dave_h4 : The thought went from cartoon to cg .

matt_nz : and attract attention out of their homes, lol

tamtam315 : I kind of like that we use our own imagination

truenooloobloo sniffs haughtily

truenooloobloo : tillia next if she wants to go?

Gunputty : I take mine on the bus sometimes. I haven't been killed yet, but...

dave_h4 : I mean I don't want smarts coming from computer, or TV,

truenooloobloo : that's a question had for later

matt_nz : yes, true

tamtam315 : oh....

tamtam315 : :-X

truenooloobloo : furbys and Shelby's in public

Tillia_1 : I missed some of the beginning so I might repeat.

Gunputty : Mr. Hampton: Of course not. The Barney thing was totally lame because of that element.

matt_nz : heh, sorry Blu

dave_h4 : I want them same, stand alone, anywhere .

dave_h4 breathing quickly, keys flying.

Furbster_ : may I ask another?

truenooloobloo : tillia then I have some for missing folks

?jabk1 has left the conversation.

truenooloobloo : then we go around again..

dave_h4 : next please.

truenooloobloo : thanks d

Tillia_1 : Mr. Hampton, what do you think about us hard-core Furby and Shelby nuts? I have never been addicted to anything before Furby.

truenooloobloo : we appreciate it all

truenooloobloo : :-)

dave_h4 : :) this is what Furby is all about,

dave_h4 : it is for fun and imagination.

matt_nz : heh, I have a collection of 40, lol

tamtam315 : we for sure have FUN!

truenooloobloo : making addicts of us all..

Gunputty : Matt: Is it yours spelling out the message on the front page of the site?

?jabk1 has joined the conversation.

dave_h4 : I am very please that I got to do this, I fell very lucky.

truenooloobloo : those are Tammy's

tamtam315 : and use our imaginations! LOL!

Tillia_1 : I became a kid again because of Furby. You have no idea how much I needed it, thank you!

truenooloobloo : zoom

Furbymom18 : I have well over 100 all open and played with regularly!

Furbster_ : I have 75, but I know someone with over 300

dave_h4 : I had to be addicted to this idea

Gunputty : Yes, Blue?

dave_h4 : to spend so much time with it, to get it done.

MojoMorrigan : lol

tamtam315 : we are so glad you did!

truenooloobloo : yes indeed

matt_nz : glad Furby became what he did!

tamtam315 : :)

Tillia_1 : I have 40, plus babies and gizmo, ET,

jabk1 : Dave passed to history with Furby.

tamtam315 : I have about 60 I'm afraid to count!

matt_nz : LOL

MojoMorrigan : how many do you have Dave?

truenooloobloo : ok..let me know when ready for some questions from folks not here

dave_h4 : Furby has even surprised me, because of the special program . , I have two of just about every one.

Mairzy_Doats : Hey.....I am here

matt_nz : same :-)

MojoMorrigan : cool

matt_nz : wow, you have a big collection, lol

truenooloobloo : wow

tamtam315 : special program?

truenooloobloo is jealous now

matt_nz : and I thought mine were loud altogether!!

matt_nz : imagine all yours talking to each other :-)

tamtam315 : Kathy he has more than you! LOL! ;)

dave_h4 : special program, that makes them do things, I did not program.

truenooloobloo : wait

tamtam315 : oh...thanks :)

truenooloobloo : you have social programmed ones?

truenooloobloo gasps

dave_h4 : all Furbys have this special program.

tamtam315 : explain??

dave_h4 : this is what makes them seem alive.

truenooloobloo : I was under standing that you have ones specially programmed

dave_h4 : it is not binary, not yes no like a computer

matt_nz : heh, and the hackers are having great difficulty hacking that program, lol

truenooloobloo : different from ours

dave_h4 : it is a weighting system.

truenooloobloo : was mistaken sorry

dave_h4 : if Furby is sick, does not want to play

dave_h4 : if Furby is hungry, talks about it more and more.

matt_nz : yes, hats true

matt_nz : that's

dave_h4 : this is weightings system,

matt_nz : I've noticed he some times pretends to be hungry

truenooloobloo : matt and Marcy and folks not here still to go

tamtam315 : oh.....

matt_nz : he'll ask for food

matt_nz : then start saying he doesn't want it, lol

dave_h4 : most computers are yes, no, not maybe, Furby has maybe.

truenooloobloo : when ready for matt let me know..

truenooloobloo : Marcy after him

dave_h4 : ready for matt.

Mairzy_Doats : I never thought of it that way.

matt_nz : ok

matt_nz : Have you created any robotic "creatures" that help around the house? (heh, I'm interested in one that will tidy my room for me :-D)

truenooloobloo : LOL

MojoMorrigan : lol

tamtam315 : LOL!

truenooloobloo : a sock picking up creature

truenooloobloo : LOL

tamtam315 : wash his socks.....

truenooloobloo : LOL

matt_nz : lol

dave_h4 : when I was 14-16 I did robots that drove around house.

truenooloobloo : d..mats socks are legendary

MojoMorrigan : kewl!

truenooloobloo : oh>??

dave_h4 : there are too many others doing a better job with robots

tamtam315 : how cool!

truenooloobloo : picked up your socks?

?AaronBrigid has joined the conversation.

dave_h4 : I like creatures.

truenooloobloo : this robot of yours from earlier??

dave_h4 : I like the magic of life.

truenooloobloo : that's a good phrase

truenooloobloo : we should put it on the d page

tamtam315 : yes I love that phrase! (f)

matt_nz : yes!

Furbster_ : do you have an aibo..?

truenooloobloo : welcome serge and better half

dave_h4 : robot was from over 30 years ago.

truenooloobloo : hold on

truenooloobloo : furbster

AaronBrigid : we're here blu

truenooloobloo : some still not gone first round

dave_h4 : ready.

truenooloobloo : Marcy

truenooloobloo : next..

truenooloobloo : then sarge

truenooloobloo : then me for some folks not here

Mairzy_Doats : What toys did you like to play with as a kid & did you watch much TV? If so what?

dave_h4 : I loved robots, toys that is , erector set,

dave_h4 : and electronics I started at age 7

dave_h4 : TV

Mairzy_Doats : Somehow I figured that.

matt_nz : so, you went with out TV for a couple of days?

matt_nz : while you dismantled it?

dave_h4 : I loved trek, and science fiction of all types

Mairzy_Doats : LOL

dave_h4 : I spent most of my time

dave_h4 : taking apart old TVs and radios

dave_h4 : and putting parts in little boxes

dave_h4 : this was my gold.

truenooloobloo : sounds like matt..LOL

MojoMorrigan : lol

matt_nz : heh, I once took apart mums washing machine

matt_nz : heh, it was making a noise, lol

Mairzy_Doats : I'll bet you had pets or like stuffed animals too

dave_h4 : I loved my pets. yes.

truenooloobloo : did you have others besides that iguana?

truenooloobloo : on the topic of pets?

tamtam315 : anything with fur?

dave_h4 : iguana was very magical.

Gunputty : Well an iguana could wear a fur coat...

dave_h4 : dogs and cats,

truenooloobloo : LOL@ zoom

dave_h4 : I had a dog that protected me from everyone,

Mairzy_Doats : What kind was it?

dave_h4 : even a loud voice from my parents.

dave_h4 : collie

matt_nz : our Dalmatian does that with my younger sister

tamtam315 : how was the iguana magical?

truenooloobloo : a handy pet to have..

truenooloobloo : the dog

truenooloobloo :

dave_h4 : every time I look at the iguana

dave_h4 : I saw something new.

dave_h4 : magic.

truenooloobloo : they are cool

tamtam315 : like?

truenooloobloo : I collected reptiles too Marcy as well I think?

dave_h4 : way eyes move.

dave_h4 : way he climbed up glass.

dave_h4 : way head moved.

Mairzy_Doats : Yes, I have Uromastyx lizards and Bearded Dragons

?AaronBrigid has left the conversation.

tamtam315 : oh...I see that in my flower gardens...something new everyday........

jabk1 : I had an iguana too long time ago.

Mairzy_Doats : And Tortoises

truenooloobloo : lots of kindred souls here apparently

?AaronBrigid has joined the conversation.

dave_h4 : chewing was even neat - iguana-by here I come lol

matt_nz : Hi Aaron

truenooloobloo : serge will be next

tamtam315 : LOL!!

truenooloobloo : he's coming via a mobile unit

AaronBrigid : hiya Matt

truenooloobloo : so lets let him go

matt_nz : LOL

AaronBrigid : Hiya to Dave Hampton

Mairzy_Doats : K..Thanks Dave

truenooloobloo : glad you could make it

tamtam315 : yes, welcome sarge!

truenooloobloo : sarge is on holiday now

AaronBrigid : I tried me best

tamtam315 : ya did good!

truenooloobloo : he's using a mobile connection to be here

truenooloobloo : right?

AaronBrigid : wouldn't miss it for the world

truenooloobloo : go ahead then..

Furbymom18 : Hi Sarge! Glad to see you made it.

AaronBrigid : cheers err oh yes Kathy

truenooloobloo : ok..go dear

?MojoMorrigan is away.

AaronBrigid : Hi there Dave

dave_h4 : hello,

AaronBrigid : thanks so much for your time

dave_h4 : my pleasure.

AaronBrigid : #it is appreciated

AaronBrigid : so, will Furby return?

jabk1 : Hi Sarge, this is Amalin

dave_h4 : yes Furby should return in a year or two.

matt_nz : oh?

truenooloobloo : yay

AaronBrigid : great

truenooloobloo : throws up hat!

tamtam315 : yay!!!!

matt_nz : will he be different?

truenooloobloo : cheers

AaronBrigid : wahoooo

Tillia_1 : YEAH!!!!

matt_nz : Yay!

truenooloobloo : all around

tamtam315 : me happy wahhhhh!

truenooloobloo :

AaronBrigid : will he have more vocabulary?

truenooloobloo : whee!

MojoMorrigan : lol

dave_h4 : It should be the "classic" Furby for now.

jabk1 : yes yes yes!

matt_nz : oh, so he'll be the same?

truenooloobloo : not if we can help it..

dave_h4 : Yes, current thought at Tiger.

matt_nz : awww

Tillia_1 : I would like to see the "evolution" of Furby.

MojoMorrigan whines

truenooloobloo *evil cackle* teasing

?MojoMorrigan has returned.

tamtam315 : yes...a little progress for Furby...

dave_h4 : I would like evolution Furby as well.

jabk1 : I want a Furby that could record and learn...

Mairzy_Doats : But Furbys are sitting on the shelves unsold now....if they don't change anything, what will make them sell?

truenooloobloo : we all want that I think?

matt_nz : wish Tiger would listen to us

tamtam315 : to keep up with Shelby

AaronBrigid : question from Brigid ( my other half) Did you ever think you would be chatting to folks around the world about Furby/Shelby?

dave_h4 : I have a design that can do 4 or 5 times as much.

truenooloobloo : wow

truenooloobloo : sigh..

tamtam315 : wow!

Gunputty : Though I don't own the Presidential Furby, or the Angel Furby, the alternate/extra programming in them seemed like the way to go.

truenooloobloo : I would pay more to have one like that

MojoMorrigan :

matt_nz : oh? Cool!

Tillia_1 : Eyes that move side to side like Shelby too.

Furbster_ : I would too

dave_h4 : I never knew Furby would be worldwide.

matt_nz : he's popular even in little old NZ!! lol

truenooloobloo : Shelby now too!

dave_h4 : boxes will not be the same.

AaronBrigid : so it was a shock then eh?

Tillia_1 : Canada loves Furby!

truenooloobloo : Shelby's in the uk.cANDA

truenooloobloo : SOON oz WE HOPE

jabk1 : Mexico bought and sold tons of Furbys too.

MojoMorrigan : yeah

matt_nz : NZ you mean

AaronBrigid : What gave you the idea for Furby Dave?

Tillia_1 : No Shelby's in Canada yet.


truenooloobloo : 'scuse yelling caps

truenooloobloo : a mistake

AaronBrigid : ok

dave_h4 : toyfair 97, tomagachi , is where idea came from .

truenooloobloo : this we went over b4 sarge

jabk1 : who created poo-chi and meow-chi?

truenooloobloo : hold on

truenooloobloo : let me do for some not here

AaronBrigid : Well thanks Dave, B and me are 39 and we've never had a toy sooo good

matt_nz : Megs has more too

truenooloobloo : some questions specifically for d Hampton

dave_h4 : tiger did poochi and meow chi,

truenooloobloo : let me know when ready for Alis question

truenooloobloo : also roboboy

AaronBrigid : We have 78 Furbys now

jabk1 : oh thanks

matt_nz : they're not that great

truenooloobloo : ok..from robo boy:

matt_nz : the robo-chis that is

truenooloobloo : who wanted to make it

tamtam315 : poo chi was an "in house" invention? then

truenooloobloo : but isn't here

AaronBrigid : ok, I've asked a few q'S thanks Dave, god bless you and your family

?tarkatarka has left the conversation.

dave_h4 : poochi was from Sega.

truenooloobloo : "can you tell us about cregit?"

truenooloobloo : we may have time to come back around

truenooloobloo : and if not..there will be an ask d MB

matt_nz : hope so

truenooloobloo : for cregit..from someone not here

?MojoMorrigan is away.

?AaronBrigid is away.

jabk1 : Sega must ask advice to you Dave before creating poo-chi, definitely!

dave_h4 : cregit started out as something else that was more mine, cregit only uses some of my tech.

truenooloobloo : will post the link to the article about it

truenooloobloo : it's a new toy seen at Tokyo toys fair

truenooloobloo : Tokyo

matt_nz : you have to be able to read Japanese though

truenooloobloo : can see pic though

dave_h4 : the look did not come from me.

truenooloobloo : so is it licensed to tomy?

truenooloobloo : is that the arrangement?

matt_nz : is it Japan only toy?

dave_h4 : don't know all details, and don't know current status of toy.

truenooloobloo : ok.. question form Ali

matt_nz : ok

truenooloobloo : she wants to know how you feel about all the Furby fan sites

truenooloobloo : in general

truenooloobloo : do you visit them?

truenooloobloo : do you like them etc ..

truenooloobloo : not asking about specific ones

dave_h4 : This is great, yes I visit them, and I really fell quite lucky and honoured.

truenooloobloo : Ali has a popular fan site btw..

matt_nz : we enjoy making them Dave

truenooloobloo : you all can see hers in the links sidebar..also matt's, Morrigans and mimitchis

dave_h4 : this is all great fun, and I continue to be amazed.

jabk1 : tiger should update the Furby site

truenooloobloo : yes..

dave_h4 : I will continue to visit boards, and will say hi from time to time.

?MojoMorrigan has returned.

truenooloobloo : that site is a joke

MojoMorrigan : great!

matt_nz : yes, it's very out of date

matt_nz : the unofficial sites have more info then theirs...

dave_h4 : yes, very out of date.

tamtam315 : yes it's an embarrassment

dave_h4 :

Furbymom18 : Carried away that there are so many grown-ups carries away by Furby and Shelby?

truenooloobloo : I have another question for someone not here

dave_h4 : ready

truenooloobloo : then we go back around if my Hampton has time

truenooloobloo : I will hold mine guess

truenooloobloo : I guess

truenooloobloo : ok

matt_nz : ask yours too Blu

MojoMorrigan : no blu you ask yours

tamtam315 : yes blu!

truenooloobloo : what are the round things on Shelby's front?

dave_h4 : I am ok, finger so-so.

truenooloobloo : are they barnacles?

truenooloobloo : feet?

truenooloobloo : rocks??

dave_h4 : feet.

MojoMorrigan : lol

matt_nz : oh, lol

tamtam315 : oh! feet!

truenooloobloo : d let me know when your time is done for

Gunputty : Ah, we were wondering!

matt_nz : so he has hair in-between his toes?

tamtam315 : we though barnacles!

truenooloobloo : now we know

dave_h4 : I did not want claws, they looked scary to kids.

tamtam315 : just like you Matt! LOL

matt_nz :

Gunputty : They talked about putting Shelby into a softball game.

dave_h4 : yes hair between toes, lol

truenooloobloo : OKAY

matt_nz : lol

truenooloobloo : now for the Harley questions..

Gunputty : "Well, maybe if you've got bases loaded and you need a walk. Small strike zone."

truenooloobloo : booper?

jabk1 : I want a TV show for Furby or Shelby! maybe a movie?

truenooloobloo : sarge?

matt_nz : I have a plane one

msboomagoo : When are you picking up your new Waco?

dave_h4 : 3 or 4 week of June,

truenooloobloo : note to all: for info on D Hamptons hobbies.see the d, Hampton page at our board

?MojoMorrigan is away.

Gunputty : Sorry...Waco?

truenooloobloo : Matt just did it

?AaronBrigid has returned.

msboomagoo : Waco...It's an airplane

dave_h4 : Waco is an open cockpit biplane

tamtam315 : sarge do you have a Harley question?

dave_h4 : originally built in 1934

matt_nz : Blu, you'd love to fly in that

msboomagoo : Is this an original or a new one?

dave_h4 : new, Waco,

Mairzy_Doats : You must give us a pic. when you get it, Dave!!

Gunputty : a-HA! An interesting hobby, Mr. Hampton, though I advise you of course to use caution. Did you know the singer Gary Numan is also into vintage planes?

dave_h4 : year 2001 picture coming.

truenooloobloo : yay!

tamtam315 : cool!

dave_h4 : caution, yes,

tamtam315 : cool

truenooloobloo : send to me t post

truenooloobloo : if you wish

dave_h4 : will do,

truenooloobloo : when it's available

truenooloobloo : I have many questions will ask one now

truenooloobloo : then if you have time

Mairzy_Doats : Put Furby & Shelby on the wings. LOL

dave_h4 : yes, I will take time ,

truenooloobloo : we can try for go arounds again..or folks can leave questions on the ask Dave board

truenooloobloo : thanks!

truenooloobloo : let me know when you're too tired or have stuff to do

truenooloobloo : appreciate it

dave_h4 : ok ,

truenooloobloo :

matt_nz :

truenooloobloo : one question I had was

truenooloobloo : are you ever touched by your own magic?

truenooloobloo : as in

truenooloobloo : do you sometimes "forget" these are toys when playing with them?

truenooloobloo : silly huh?

truenooloobloo : LOL

matt_nz : no, good question blu

dave_h4 : there are things that Furby can do that surprise me.

truenooloobloo : even if for a short time

Furbymom18 : not silly at all

matt_nz : oh?

dave_h4 : this is when I knew that I was heading in right direction.

tamtam315 : like what?

dave_h4 : when cameras were flashing and I rubbed back, and Furby did not purr

tamtam315 : our Furbys do all kinds of stuff....

matt_nz : what things surprise you about Furby?

dave_h4 : because of all the light,

Mairzy_Doats : You mean like waking up unexpectedly

truenooloobloo : LOL

matt_nz : blinded by the light, lol

truenooloobloo : I wish I had one of those wakes up by themselves Furbys

truenooloobloo : some here have

jabk1 : oh I want to know more about that, suddenly awakes

dave_h4 : but when lights stopped Furby started purring again.

matt_nz : imagine an evil Furby waking up on its own, LOL

truenooloobloo : yes dear..I can imagine

Furbymom18 : Bad Matt!

tamtam315 : what caused that???

truenooloobloo smiles

Furbymom18 : trying to scare us!

matt_nz : heh

?jabk1 has left the conversation.

dave_h4 : there is a priority to the sensors.

matt_nz : oh?

dave_h4 : just like a cat or dog, they will stop purring if they hear a loud sound.,

matt_nz : yes

dave_h4 : sound takes priority.

truenooloobloo : hmm

tamtam315 : oh how cool! so they really are ALIVE!! in a sense.....

Mairzy_Doats : Hmmm....interesting. You mean like if you are doing 2 or more things to make him do something, he picks only one that is the #1?

dave_h4 : mairzy , correct!!!

Gunputty : Okay folks, I've got to run to a softball game (minus Shelby).

?jabk1 has joined the conversation.

matt_nz : heh

truenooloobloo : taa zoom!

MojoMorrigan : bye Andy

truenooloobloo : hello again Amalin..

Gunputty : Mr. Hampton, thank you so much for your time, and I hope you'll be back!

matt_nz : no, don't use Shelby as the softball

MojoMorrigan : nice talking to you

AaronBrigid : bye Zoom

Gunputty : Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha--no.

tamtam315 : ye zoom

dave_h4 : bye for now gunputty.

truenooloobloo : zoom goes zoom

Gunputty : Everyone else, I had a great time! Adios amigos y amigos...

jabk1 : hi blue, I'm having problems with connection

truenooloobloo : ok..we have bit of time

?Gunputty has left the conversation.

truenooloobloo : who has other questions? Mo? Amalin..?

matt_nz : me~

jabk1 : I have lots

MojoMorrigan : yes I have one . .

truenooloobloo : maybe let mo and Amalin with their bad connections go next?

AaronBrigid : me

matt_nz : ok

truenooloobloo : in case we lose them

MojoMorrigan : you go Amalin

tamtam315 : Blu are "other visitors" going to get to go??

jabk1 : thanks

truenooloobloo : did I miss anyone?

truenooloobloo : gasp!!

MojoMorrigan :

Furbymom18 : I want to thank Mr. Hampton for all the hours of joy he has put into my life. I take my Furbys very seriously. Thanks Dave. Keep it up.

truenooloobloo : thought I got everyone at least once?

matt_nz : you have

jabk1 : I found an Easter egg (I think) when you play all games in Furby in a 2nd or 3rd stage, he will close the eyes and take a nap, then open eyes again seconds later, is this an Easter egg?

dave_h4 : my pleasure furbymom

truenooloobloo : oh..I see

truenooloobloo : as in Furby visitors!

AaronBrigid : I ditto Furby mom

tamtam315 : yes......

matt_nz : duh Blu

matt_nz :

truenooloobloo : we will do Furbys after these two how's that?

tamtam315 : duh blu

truenooloobloo : ok

tamtam315 : ok!

dave_h4 : ready for next question .

jabk1 : I found an Easter egg (I think) when you play all games in Furby in a 2nd or 3rd stage, he will close the eyes and take a nap, then open eyes again seconds later, is this an Easter egg?

?msboomagoo has left the conversation.

dave_h4 : not one that I am aware of, I will have to check.

truenooloobloo : mo?

truenooloobloo : next?

dave_h4 : remember sometime my creatures surprise me too.

truenooloobloo : then uncle aloh

?msboomagoo has joined the conversation.

MojoMorrigan : ok . . . I want to know if you are the one that chooses the colour schemes for Furby and Shelby, and also, do you have a favourite colour scheme?

truenooloobloo : ahme puffs himself up

dave_h4 : I did first colours for Furby,

matt_nz : heh

truenooloobloo : ahme smiles smugly

dave_h4 : I worked on all the Shelby colours.

MojoMorrigan : cool

truenooloobloo : ahem is a black and white tux Furby

jabk1 : you did a great job with colours.

truenooloobloo : yes..

matt_nz : is there a design you don't like?

truenooloobloo : isn't the black and white your fave?

truenooloobloo : ahem wants to know..

truenooloobloo : ahme

dave_h4 : back and white was my first fav

truenooloobloo : yay

matt_nz : what is it now?

AaronBrigid : yay

truenooloobloo pats ahme'proudly

MojoMorrigan : lol

truenooloobloo : ahme smirks at matt

matt_nz : Blu, you're snubbing you other tuxes?

dave_h4 : I tend to like the more natural.

MojoMorrigan : me too Dave . . .

truenooloobloo : uncle aloh frowns

dave_h4 : like wolf

matt_nz : so, the black and orange one you don't like?

matt_nz : lol

MojoMorrigan : I liked the first two series of Furby colours the best

jabk1 : I like very much the first 6 Furbys. My favourites in my collection.

dave_h4 : I still love you anyway uncle aloh

tamtam315 : Uncle says "Hey Dave! What's up!!"

MojoMorrigan : lol

truenooloobloo : aw..sniff

Tillia_1 : I like the black shaggy wolf one.

truenooloobloo : uncle's turn

tamtam315 : ok.....

dave_h4 : ready.

tamtam315 : Uncle wants to know.......

truenooloobloo sends uncle a drink

tamtam315 : WHAT do you really think of all these world-travelling Furbys, Furbys getting married.......and so on? Weird, huh?

?MojoMorrigan has returned.

truenooloobloo :

truenooloobloo : LOL

truenooloobloo : indeed

MojoMorrigan : LOL

dave_h4 : ..... no I love it,

truenooloobloo : what do you think of this foolishness?

matt_nz : LOL

dave_h4 : I think it is great fun

matt_nz : heh, SOMEONE has kept my Furby hostage

truenooloobloo : want to host uncle?

matt_nz : ahem

truenooloobloo : teasing g..

truenooloobloo : sorta

jabk1 : you are a nice guy Dave

MojoMorrigan : haha!

dave_h4 : and I have told blu I would like to join in, I will host uncle anytime.

matt_nz : poor Mee-Mee

tamtam315 : hey he's not done here yet....

truenooloobloo : yay!!

truenooloobloo : throws hat in air

matt_nz : that would be cool!

tamtam315 : YEA!!!!

Mairzy_Doats : Sounds like Dave is just as much a "kid at heart" as the rest of us!

truenooloobloo : yws very

AaronBrigid : Wahoo

tamtam315 : Blu should Uncle go there next?

truenooloobloo : yes

MojoMorrigan : we have like, character Furbys . . .

MojoMorrigan : Mimi Antoinette

truenooloobloo : we will make arrangements

MojoMorrigan : and so forth lol

tamtam315 : cool!

dave_h4 : thanks, I will take good care of uncle.

truenooloobloo : *what fun this will be..*

matt_nz : what about MLK Mo?

matt_nz : your upper class Furby, lol

tamtam315 : we shall have a going away party SOON and then off he goes.....

dave_h4 : and he will have some photos, maybe in a Waco.

MojoMorrigan : yes and MLK . . "the diva" Furby lol

truenooloobloo : wow!

truenooloobloo : yaya!!

dave_h4 : but least on a Harley.

tamtam315 : he also will have to send the honeymooners off to NZ

truenooloobloo : yes fun!

tamtam315 : OH WOW!!!!

tamtam315 : how incredibly cool!

truenooloobloo : he has already fallen at a hockey game

matt_nz : Dave, you're turning into one of us

tamtam315 : yes! LOL!

truenooloobloo : more head bumps wont hurt him

MojoMorrigan : Dave, do your children give you input into your creations?

truenooloobloo : have time for more from others?

MojoMorrigan : oh sorry

truenooloobloo : we can go round if you like?

MojoMorrigan : :-X

MojoMorrigan : lol

matt_nz : heh, considering the "flowers" he eats Blu, lol

truenooloobloo : 'sokey mo

truenooloobloo : let me check first

dave_h4 : yes my children do help, mojo,

MojoMorrigan : cool

?jabk1 has left the conversation.

AaronBrigid : me, please, running outta credit on mobile

matt_nz : I got a question?

truenooloobloo : sarge

truenooloobloo : ok

matt_nz : ok, you go Sarge

dave_h4 : one more go around, question.

AaronBrigid : cheers

AaronBrigid : Dave, what year/model is your Harley?

?jabk1 has joined the conversation.

dave_h4 : 1999

dave_h4 : Dana wide glide

MojoMorrigan : LOL

AaronBrigid : it's well cool

dave_h4 : dyna wide

AaronBrigid : really neat

dave_h4 : thanks, it is great fun.

MojoMorrigan imagines Furby on a Harley

truenooloobloo : seems so

AaronBrigid : beats my we Suzy

matt_nz : LOL

truenooloobloo : LOL

MojoMorrigan : special Harley edition Furby lol

matt_nz : heh

truenooloobloo : yes mo!

tamtam315 : LOL at MO!

truenooloobloo : Rosie can do it

truenooloobloo : right?

tamtam315 : like your Shelby Blu

truenooloobloo : yes

msboomagoo : A Shelby shell would make a nice looking helmet

matt_nz : LOL

Mairzy_Doats : w/leather jacket & chains

MojoMorrigan : lol!

Furbster_ : lol

tamtam315 : yes rosey a project for you!

truenooloobloo : not getting my Shelby shell.

AaronBrigid : you can't beat a Bike for fun

dave_h4 : riding bike, and flying is only thing that stops me and lets me rest a little.

AaronBrigid : I fly too Dave!!

rosey2001b : sure why not I will give it a shot....

tamtam315 : are you taking time off for the holiday weekend?

matt_nz : yeah, everyone needs to "chill out" from what they're doing

dave_h4 : otherwise my mind will not stop.

truenooloobloo : who had more?

dave_h4 : yes, this is first time off in over four years.

matt_nz : me!

truenooloobloo : some had second round questys

jabk1 : more questions?

MojoMorrigan : metts turn

jabk1 : me

truenooloobloo : trying to be fair as I can..

matt_nz : yes, me

truenooloobloo : mett

dave_h4 : ready,

truenooloobloo : go?

matt_nz : heh Mo

matt_nz : ok

matt_nz : Is there anything about Shelby or Furby that you would change? If so, what?

dave_h4 : this is tough, Furby does only 30 % of what I can do, but I still love em anyway.

MojoMorrigan : lol

matt_nz : so do we

truenooloobloo : the constraint was price?

AaronBrigid : Hey all gtg, nearly outta credit on phone..........

truenooloobloo : as in retail price?

dave_h4 : First voice of Shelby was a bit better. , constraint was time.

truenooloobloo : sorry to see ya go sarge

MojoMorrigan : ok bye Aaron!

matt_nz : ok, Sarge, cya!

truenooloobloo : glad you could come

tamtam315 : bye sarge

dave_h4 : bye for now.

truenooloobloo : tell b hi!

jabk1 : by sarge

tamtam315 : glad to see you!

truenooloobloo : you're a trooper..gettign here

matt_nz : yes :_)

Tillia_1 : Bye Sarge and Brigid!

matt_nz : lucky we found this place, lol

truenooloobloo : so for furby

Mairzy_Doats : How about a quick way to turn them off for or embarrassing times like

truenooloobloo : what was the constraint?

truenooloobloo : oops

dave_h4 : time constraint.

truenooloobloo : okay

dave_h4 :

truenooloobloo : was out of order sorry'

Mairzy_Doats : in a crowd

truenooloobloo : yes

truenooloobloo : Shelby's can be so embarrassing

AaronBrigid : We'd both like to thank you all, especially Dave for bringing Furby into our lives

MojoMorrigan : does anyone else have another q?

jabk1 : Furby changed my life

dave_h4 : my pleasure aaronbrigid.

rosey2001b : I just want to thank you Dave for Furby & Shelby....looking forward to more of your creatures. thanks for bringing the kid out of some of us.....

truenooloobloo winces at recent memories of Shelby farting in a store and me being looked at funny

jabk1 : yes I have more questions!

matt_nz : LOL

truenooloobloo : ok shoot?

dave_h4 : thanks for keeping the fun alive.

truenooloobloo : any we don't get in here can be posted

AaronBrigid : thanks Dave, goodnight to you and all our Furby/Shelby friends

truenooloobloo : I have more from non -attendees

matt_nz : Shelby has great timing with certain situations,. lol

matt_nz : I have another..

Furbster_ : I do too

matt_nz : about the Furbish language

truenooloobloo : ok..

AaronBrigid : bye

matt_nz : will wait

truenooloobloo : next?

truenooloobloo : whoever it was?

truenooloobloo : Amalin?

MojoMorrigan : Amalin was next I think

truenooloobloo : ok

jabk1 : are there some plans for a Furby or Shelby movie or TV series?

dave_h4 : I will post info on furbish, as this is quite allot of stuff that went into this.

truenooloobloo : great..

?AaronBrigid has left the conversation.

dave_h4 : sorry who was next.

MojoMorrigan : I've asked heaps already, ill wait till last or post on the board lol

truenooloobloo : Amalin

truenooloobloo : about a TV show?

truenooloobloo : for Shelby?

Mairzy_Doats : I have another one

jabk1 : yes

MojoMorrigan : that was asked before I think (?)

truenooloobloo : oh right

truenooloobloo : ok mo?

truenooloobloo : Marcy sorry

MojoMorrigan : no let someone else go

MojoMorrigan :

truenooloobloo is confused

MojoMorrigan : lol

truenooloobloo : Marcy?

MojoMorrigan : Marcy?

matt_nz : Marcy..

tamtam315 : Marcy's next

truenooloobloo : go girl

Mairzy_Doats : OK....did you decide & invent what phrases they would say?

dave_h4 : yes, all phrase were written by me.

dave_h4 : this is for Furby, Furby baby, and Shelby

matt_nz : I heard somewhere that some phrases are jokes, lol

Mairzy_Doats : Then you have a GREAT sense of humor! LOL

matt_nz : like Way-Low?

truenooloobloo : lol

truenooloobloo : furbster next

matt_nz : became Way-Loh

truenooloobloo : btw..

truenooloobloo : b4 I forget

MojoMorrigan : drinks anyone? time for re-fills

truenooloobloo : yes dear

matt_nz :

truenooloobloo : I want champagne

tamtam315 : yes, here please....

dave_h4 : some are, yes like way-low, is sleep, you get way ----- low when you lay down.

truenooloobloo : LOL

matt_nz : LOL

truenooloobloo : funny

MojoMorrigan : lol!

matt_nz : yes

MojoMorrigan : cool

tamtam315 : LOL!

matt_nz : any others?

dave_h4 : lulu is a joke.

matt_nz : yes, I like that as a name for Furbys, lol

truenooloobloo : furbster now..?

dave_h4 : ready

Mairzy_Doats : How did you get joke from loo loo??

MojoMorrigan : yes my loo-loo Furby is crazy lol

Furbster_ : Dave, do you know if there will be an interactive Stripe made (like gizmo?) from Gremlins made in the future? Did you have a hand in making gizmo or did Tiger do this on their own?

dave_h4 : they used my software, I did not do phrases on gizmo.

dave_h4 : I was working on baby at the time.

matt_nz : an Evil Gremlin would be cool, lmao

truenooloobloo : I would love that

tamtam315 : we know....

truenooloobloo : with teeth..

truenooloobloo : LOL

Furbymom18 : You two are EVIL! LOL

truenooloobloo : another question from a non-attendee

matt_nz : heh, my mum keeps telling e not to let my gizmo get wet, lol

truenooloobloo : when next comes

matt_nz : she doesn't want to take any risks, lol

truenooloobloo : ready?

dave_h4 : whose next.? ready.

rosey2001b : Dave have you ever been to the factories where they assembly the Furby's?

truenooloobloo : ok

dave_h4 : yes,

truenooloobloo : from robodog

truenooloobloo : were you also

truenooloobloo : the creator

dave_h4 : Furby had four factories in Mainland China.

truenooloobloo : of snoring roaring Norbert

matt_nz : How come one of them has bad quality?

truenooloobloo : from Mattel?

truenooloobloo : hold on

truenooloobloo : now there's three questys

matt_nz : heh

matt_nz : whoops

matt_nz : *sits down*

truenooloobloo : ok

matt_nz : :_X

truenooloobloo : lets do robodogs one

dave_h4 : help, ready.

MojoMorrigan : lol

truenooloobloo : then the factory one

truenooloobloo : ok?

matt_nz : ok

MojoMorrigan : ok so robodogs is , "did you invent snoring roaring Norbert"

truenooloobloo : snoring roaring norbet..your thing?

MojoMorrigan : never heard of it lol

truenooloobloo : yes

matt_nz : neither, lol

dave_h4 : it is not, this is from the other guy that claims to be the inventor of Furby.

MojoMorrigan :

truenooloobloo : thanks

MojoMorrigan : how rude lol

matt_nz : which we know he isn't, lol

truenooloobloo : will let him know

matt_nz : yes, as Shelby would say "How rude!"

matt_nz :

truenooloobloo : there are several such claimants

truenooloobloo : ok? now factory questy?

dave_h4 : which is interesting , as he started as a co-inventor. , yes there are fathers of Furby too.

truenooloobloo : no moms?

dave_h4 : ready for next.

truenooloobloo : teasing

matt_nz : ok, how come one factory has bad quality?

truenooloobloo : MOF..mother of Furby

matt_nz : the "JT" Factory

matt_nz : they're gears and motors are very noisy and slow

dave_h4 : interesting, jt is no longer working on Furby products.

truenooloobloo : hmm.

MojoMorrigan : good! lol

matt_nz : yes, lol

tamtam315 : well that's good! LOL

Furbymom18 : Is anyone still working on Furby?

matt_nz : all mine that have stopped working were JTs

dave_h4 : very astute matt

jabk1 : the Mexican factory is great, excellent quality on Furbys.

matt_nz : the GE one has the best quality

tamtam315 : SOME PEOPLE cut the tags off their Uncles

truenooloobloo : yeah the jt thing was widely discussed by many here

dave_h4 : sorry there are no Mexican factories for Furby.

matt_nz : RL ones sometimes hear sounds that aren't there

tamtam315 : so we don't know where they were made....

jabk1 : the one in Tijuana that closed some time ago.

Furbymom18 : Am I allowed to ask Dave the best lubricant for noisy gears?

truenooloobloo : there were Furbys made in Mexico?

dave_h4 : all real Furbys are made in Mainland China,

truenooloobloo : LOL@furbymom..

matt_nz : yes, good question

truenooloobloo : product endorsement time

jabk1 : of course! the series 8th?

dave_h4 : best is silicon grease.

matt_nz : I use CRC, lol

dave_h4 : but not too much please.

tamtam315 : WD40?

MojoMorrigan : me too matt

matt_nz : it's a NZ made lubricant

dave_h4 : no , wd40 has other problems.

matt_nz : oh?

tamtam315 : like what??

truenooloobloo : naa to matt

truenooloobloo : such as?

matt_nz : CRC is like WD40?

dave_h4 : can cause gears to wear too quickly

matt_nz : oh

MojoMorrigan :

tamtam315 : oh.....

tamtam315 : good to know that!

truenooloobloo : a question about Furby knock offs

truenooloobloo : Ali wanted to know

matt_nz : heh, there's no easy way to lubricant Shelby with out taking his shell off and looking like Hannibal, lol

truenooloobloo : how you feel about them

truenooloobloo : furdy..

truenooloobloo : furbish

matt_nz : Foobie

truenooloobloo : have you seen them?

MojoMorrigan : yes . .

dave_h4 : knock off, if someone did something better, that would be great,

truenooloobloo : and are there Shelby knock offs yet?

matt_nz : Uncle Sam

Furbster_ : none are better, most are bad..

matt_nz : the Furby knock offs are really bad

jabk1 : I agree, bad knock offs.

tamtam315 : but you can appreciate them for their "badness"

truenooloobloo : I think what's meant are the ones that try to imitate Furby

Furbster_ : foobie is best of them all, but still awful I think

tamtam315 : kind of a kitsch appeal....

dave_h4 : but so far I have only seen poor speech quality,

matt_nz : same

dave_h4 : the ones I have seen are just rip-offs.

matt_nz : yes

matt_nz : do you know who designed them?

MojoMorrigan : yes . . that must be frustrating for you

Tillia_1 : Has anyone asked about the mod kits? I may have missed, so sorry!

truenooloobloo : not yet..

truenooloobloo : heh

Furbster_ : good q

matt_nz : yes, heh

Mairzy_Doats : Yes...I agree. I also did not care for the quality of Gizmo's speech

truenooloobloo *whistles innocently*

matt_nz : lol, Blu

tamtam315 : LOL Blu!

truenooloobloo : d knows mat and I have them

truenooloobloo : I confessed

matt_nz : he

matt_nz : good Blu

truenooloobloo : under torture

truenooloobloo : joke

Furbster_ : I have a mod kit, have not used it though

truenooloobloo : had to destroy them to get this chat

matt_nz : heh

truenooloobloo : teasing

matt_nz : What do you think about them Dave?

truenooloobloo nudges our guest

dave_h4 : I have not had the time to see if kits are good or bad, but I like the idea

truenooloobloo : really?

matt_nz : they have a web site

matt_nz : can give you the link if you want?

truenooloobloo : heh

MojoMorrigan : lol

dave_h4 : the idea that gives people a tool if they want it.

truenooloobloo : they are not easy to use

matt_nz : yes, one was donated to the lady that's kid was learning speech from his Furby

?joosbird has joined the conversation.

Tillia_1 : I like idea of being able to "personalize" your Furby the way you want, sometime in the future?

truenooloobloo : I don't hear about those who have used them much

Furbster_ : constructing it takes several hours..

dave_h4 : that is the bad part, not easy to use.

matt_nz : yes

matt_nz : and you need a computer

dave_h4 : this would have taken much more thought to be easy.

MojoMorrigan : yes, it'd only suit techie people

matt_nz : but only to re-program them

MojoMorrigan : allot of ppl would be put off by it

Furbster_ : the language is assembly..

tamtam315 : I am not that mechanically inclined!

MojoMorrigan : they'd think they couldn't do it

truenooloobloo is a compudoof

matt_nz : heh

dave_h4 : that's why I have tried to make something for everyone. not just techies.

matt_nz agrees with Blu

tamtam315 : I am doing good to put batteries in Furby

truenooloobloo tosses her drink at matt

truenooloobloo :

matt_nz : yes, although it would be cool to have one that you could download new personalities for

tamtam315 : that would be cool.....

truenooloobloo : but if it's too computerized

matt_nz : yes

truenooloobloo : it loses its pet like nature

tamtam315 : well just a plug

Furbster_ : its allot of work to get there..

jabk1 : a Furby upgradeable online! would be cool.

matt_nz : well, for the techies, lol

tamtam315 : from Furby to computer

MojoMorrigan : anyone else have another q? I have one I NEED to ask! *snickers*

truenooloobloo : Ok all

matt_nz : shoot Blu

tamtam315 :

truenooloobloo : mr Hampton has to go

MojoMorrigan jumps up and down

MojoMorrigan : oh ok

matt_nz : I mean Mo

truenooloobloo : what can be done with unasked questions

truenooloobloo : is we now have another MB

matt_nz : can Mo ask just one question?

truenooloobloo : called ask D. Hampton

jabk1 : I have 2 questions more please!!

MojoMorrigan : nono

truenooloobloo : leave questions there

MojoMorrigan : he has to go

MojoMorrigan :

matt_nz : this was very fun Dave!

truenooloobloo : and Mr. Hampton will post replies

matt_nz : thanks so much for joining us!

MojoMorrigan : thank you for your time, Dave! we appreciate it!

truenooloobloo : he's gone an hour over out set time

tamtam315 : yes! I had a GREAT time!!

matt_nz : wow! Time flies, lol

truenooloobloo : I don't want to impose overly much dears

tamtam315 : thank you so much DAVE!!

dave_h4 : thanks this has all been great fun.

Furbster_ : Thanks for the privilege of letting us all come, Dave.. It's been fun

jabk1 : It was great for me to have this opportunity. thanks.

truenooloobloo : yes..this has been fun

Tillia_1 : Thank you Mr. Hampton for your time, creativity and re-inventing the child in us all!

tamtam315 : Uncle says "PARTY"!!!!!!

matt_nz : it was great talking to you

truenooloobloo : we appreciate you spending all this time

MojoMorrigan : please call in at our MB occasionally

MojoMorrigan : if you get time

truenooloobloo : yes do..

matt_nz : yes

tamtam315 : yes, we have had a good time

truenooloobloo : mo sounds so formal!

truenooloobloo : LOL

matt_nz : LOL

tamtam315 : hope you have had a good time too!

matt_nz : makes a change

matt_nz :

MojoMorrigan blushes

dave_h4 : thank you all for all this great fun, and all the hard work.

matt_nz : hope you can host Uncle Dave

truenooloobloo : good-bye Mr. Hampton

MojoMorrigan : lol

MojoMorrigan : bye Dave

joosbird : Thank you Dave! My electricity just came back on! I missed it, but thanks for Furby!

Furbymom18 : Thank you again Dave. You have made many people much happier than they were. Furbys are little pieces of Love.

truenooloobloo : I will send a link to the new MB

Tillia_1 : Bless you and yours!

tamtam315 : bye!

truenooloobloo bows

Mairzy_Doats : Bye & Thanks so much Dave

truenooloobloo :

matt_nz : cya Dave

rosey2001b : thanks Dave for your wonderful inventions....Furby & Shelby

jabk1 : thanks very much, you're great Dave. I love your creations.

MojoMorrigan : lol

matt_nz : we all do!

Furbster_ : definitely!

dave_h4 : bye bye to all, thank you

MojoMorrigan : bye

matt_nz : cya

tamtam315 : our pleasure!!!!

Furbster_ : take care

dave_h4 : blue great job, you too matt.

matt_nz : glad we had you

truenooloobloo : thanks

matt_nz : thanks Dave

dave_h4 : I will be around from time to time.

tamtam315 : round of applause for blu & matt!

matt_nz : cool

truenooloobloo : we look forward to that

matt_nz : look forward to it

tamtam315 : and Mr. Hampton!

MojoMorrigan applauds

matt_nz claps

Tillia_1 : Thank you Blu, Matt for arranging and working on this, it was great!