Welcome to my unofficial site for Interactive Shelby created by Tiger Electronics.  Shelby is totally different to Furby, despite his similar looks.  Shelby has been made as Furbys best friend.  Click on the links below to navigate around the site. 

Last Updated 21 February, 2002

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God Bless America!

I know this is completely off the topic off Shelby, but its impossible to ignore.  My deepest sympathy goes to all those who lost friends and family in the tragic event that happened in the USA at The World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.  Let us hope for peace, and who ever was behind these attacks brought to justice.  Take care, and although its going to be hard, the world will get through this.  Peace from New Zealand!!


New Website
The New Public Furby Community now has a web site, one away from MSN.  The MSN Community is now private, but you can go to a new public board here.  The new web site has pages about different character Furbys found at the TNPFC, a Dave Hampton Page, Custom toys page and a whole lot more.  Be sure to go over and have a look.  The site has been co-created by Blu and I.  Click here to see the new website.

Shelby Information

An Exclusive review of Shelby:- Read my review about Shelby and have a look at some of the PR Event photos from Shelby's release in NYC. Find out how Shelby is very different form Furby!

Shelby Generations:- See which Shelby comes from which series.

My Personal review of Shelby:- Read what I think of Shelby

  Shelby News:- The latest Shelby News and info

Chat with Dave Hampton:- Transcript of the chat with Mr Dave Hampton

Ask your questions:- Have questions to ask Dave Hampton? Ask them here and I will pass them on.

Shelby Fun

Updated!:- Shelby customization:- Have a look at some customized Shelbys and find out how to make your own!

  Art Gallery:- A gallery with Furby art from a recent Furby art swap (we're looking for Shelby art too :-) )

Shelby Easter Eggs:- Go here to find out secret sequences to make your Shelby do something different.

Shelby Picture Stories:- Picture stories of adventures with Shelby

Shelby WAV files:- Hear what a Shelby sounds like and how they act.

Personals:- Post pics and info here about your Shelby for others to see (pics are optional)


Other Shelby Stuff

Links to other Shelby Sites (official and unofficial):- Links to other Shelby fan sites, official Shelby web sites, news articles about Shelby, Shelby Message Boards and where to find a Shelby.


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