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This page will feature Picture stories with Shelby in them.  If you have a picture story of your own that has Shelby in it, please email me and let me know.  Have a look below and have a look at some stories.
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We're on our way to Rotorua. Good bye Hamilton, see you tomorrow! Where should we go? Now that Matt has finnally gotten up after the 21st party he attended, its time to choose. Shelby is a little worried here, I reassured him the Rainbow Trout can't jump (well, not on to land anyway, lol)
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Shelby does a bit of bird watching (I had to tell him he needs to be quiet to do this). Somewhere in there is a Kaka... Shelby was not prepared to share is grub with these ducks, swans and trout. Just as well they didn't think he was grub Shelby looks at the eel below (also hoping I don't drop him in the water). The sign says he is 14kg.
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Somewhere in this picture, Shelby is hiding. Can you spot him?
That huge bird btw is a Moa that was native to NZ until they became extinct
Shelby finds a nice spot to have lunch and starts demanding grub. Shelby is a little weary sitting right be side the tank. Notice how the trout are all grouped up beside him?
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Shelby meets another master of hiding, a Tuatara. Shelby attempts to make him stop hiding by making funny noises (just like people do with those guards in London :-D). Hes too good for Shelby though... After being chased by a duck (must have been imported from the UK and been infected with Mad Cow Disease :-D), Shelby is a little hesitant sitting beside the duck pond. Luckily the other ducks seemed to be normal... Shelby spots the Green stone (Jade) display in the gift shop and tries to find something that looks good with him. He got told off by mum and told not to touch anything...
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  After walking around outside in the cold and wet conditions, Shelby decides to have a rest on this Sheep Skin rug and warm up a bit before we go.