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This is the page for Shelby news and info.  If you have any Shelby news that is not mentioned here, please email me with it and I will put it up here.

Generation 2 spreading, slowly

Generation 2 of Shelby's are slowly spreading through the USA and showing up at local toyshops.  There has been no news of them reaching any overseas countries, and Hasbro New Zealand have no plans to import them into New Zealand.  As I mentioned in my last news update, two of the Shelbys (Sky and Mint) are fairly similar to two of the Shelby's from generation 1 (see for your self here).  The toad is not the most appealing of the group, Orchid and Ladybug are the best in the group from my opinion.  On a final note, this Shelby Generation has been rumored to be the last Tiger will be making.  Hopefully this is just a rumor and proves to be wrong as there's lots Tiger could do with Shelby!


Shelby in Australia

After a long time after the release of Shelby, generation 1 has finally reached Australia.  You should be able to find them at your local toyshop, but they may be hard to find, as they're not in all states/cities yet. 


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