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Below are links to other Shelby fan sites, News Articles, official Shelby Web Sites and Message Boards and also some related web sites.  This is a little empty at the moment as Shelby has only just been released, so if you see a Shelby web site or own one that you think should be here, please email the link to me.

Official Shelby Web Sites
Tiger Electronics' Shelby

Shelby Fan Sites
(none yet, please email me with links)

Shelby News Articles
Excite News

NY Post


Toy Customizations

Custom Visions: Altered Toys:- A place that has pics of various toy remakes, tips and tricks, links to other toy remake sites and lots more!

Furby Plastic Surgery:- A site containing pics of Furbys that have been customized and tips on how to create your own.

Message Boards
Uncle A-Loh's Playboard:- A Message board to post all your Furby, Shelby and Furby baby questions, also feel free to post about other interactive pets.  Also includes a Ask Dave Hampton (the inventor of Shelby, Furby and Furby Babies) where you can get your questions you've always wanted to know, answered!

MSN Furby (This is now mostly Shelby talk and lots of Shelby pics too)

Retailer Links
My Gift

FAO Schwarz tour

FAO Schwarz Shelby page

KB Kids Shelby Page

Amazon Shelby Page (Link to Orange one, other colours are available at Amazon)

Related Links
Kiwifurby (created by the creator of this site (me :-) )

Baby Kiwifurby (Also created by me :-) )

Official Furby Web Site

Tiger Electronics