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These are some questions that will probably be asked at the chat.  Heh, study time :-)

I've Heard that you are also the creator of the new Snoarin' Roarin' Norbert from Mattel. Can you tell us a little about it?

Tomy, (Tiger Electronics of Japan), introduced the Cregit at the 2001 Tokyo Toy Fair. It is very Similar to Furby. Did you have anything to do with its creation?

Do you have any plans to build a more advanced Furby or Friend of Furby in the near future?

What other product are you in the process of making right now, if any?

Are the round things on the front of sides of Shelby feet or rocks stuck to the shell?

Is the sound a furby make that sounds like a fart, really a fart or is it the raspberry?

I want to ask why Shelbies buzz when upside down and why after a Buzz the Tennies don't make a tinkling sound anymore.

what part of creatign these toys is the most fun for you?

what is your work area like?

how much input do you get into the marketing of furby and shelby?

how durable are these tiys over time/

comments about fansites?

comments about furby upgrade kits..hack furby etc..

what do you think of what we do here in this community?

are there plasn for making a next generation of furby and shelby?