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Welcome to the Furby and Shelby art gallery.  Here you can view peices of Furby and Shelby art created by Furby and Shelby fans.  Not only can you view these very cool pieces of art, you can also submit your own!

alohsculpture.JPG (10349 bytes)

blusartswap2.jpg (42393 bytes)

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Uncle A-Loh sculpture created by Kristin Canney Furby Christmas ornament created by Blu Furby Rocks created by Morrigan, 1st Furby neclace created by Ali and 2nd Furby necklaces created by Blu

tilliaswap2.jpg (41107 bytes)

tammysswap.jpg (34841 bytes) blustshirt.jpg (54315 bytes)
Furby stained glass created by Tillia Furby Christmas stocking created by Tammy Vampire Furby  T-Shirt created by Matt (Vampire Furby created by Blu)
If you have your own pieces of Furby or Shelby art, please feel free to send it to me.  Send a picture (in JPG format and at a reasonable size) and a description of the art to me to my email.  I look forward to seeing your pieces of art!